Meet our amazing Regional Executive Director:

Jennifer Jost: Silicon Valley, CA

Speaker/Money Coach/Wealth Advisor:

Specializing in the Emotions Around Money!

3 Opportunities to be involved:

1st: Regional Executive Directors run their exclusive territory, managing and connecting with companies who are interested in this unique and powerful women’s initiative program.  All sales and commissions run through the territory giving the Director a unique placement of consistent income flow, opportunity for training and coaching on their own platform and connections to other territories for more exposure for their expertise.

The Regional gets to pick their city center and how far out their territory will be licensed to them.  They can find their own reps to help with their area and work in tandem with other Regionals for multi-corporate sites.

Let us showcase you as part of the team that are the top experts in the world!  Let’s go out and change a lot of lives and make a great income to support your incredible talents.

2nd: Representatives are fabulous professionals who want some extra income while running their own business.  HAWC is an amazing platform to include in your back pocket to create real reoccurring income so you can continue to go out and help change lots of lives.

HAWC Reps report directly to a local Regional Executive Director or runs through the Home Office of HAWC to connect with opportunities, leads and connections.  There are a lot of fun ways to create a lot of momentum including but not limited to showcasing your expertise through the HAWC App.

3rd: Coaches and Trainers… maybe women, employees or corporate is your target market and you would LOVE to be able to be showcased as one of the experts in the HAWC phone app!  Maybe Executive Coaching, Group Training, Retreats, and/or Conferences is your angle for your business… perfect, we need all of them. Our Pros will be paid for even their videos, trainings and coaching sessions.  Don’t miss the opportunity to make a lasting impact on people’s lives that you may never have gotten to meet.

Remember we are not only looking for Corporate/Business Trainers but also Life Coaches, Health/Wellness, Families/Children/Relationship, and other Home/Life Improvements!