Phone App

The first phone app that really creates momentum for companies and their employees!

For a Week a Professional HAWC Trainer sends out to each employee 2 new videos a day with a starter, explanation article to cover their concept… short but HIGH Impact videos to really move the needle.

1 on Career Advancement, Business Growth, Personal Development, etc and another on Life… Health/Wellness, Family/Kids/Relationships, Mindset, etc. The videos are REAL training. The experts usually charge high fees for the information they provide each time but it is all included in the app.

Each company can decide to divide the app into 2 segments. Those in Management/Exec Class and those who are new hires or just not there yet.

HAWC can also provide amazing messages, mission statements, information from the company each week.

HAWC can schedule out information, events, training that the company wants to get across to each of their employees.

The App is marketed with the companies unique brand and is securely locked down so that no other business can connect or recruit their employees.

HAWC can do corporate retreats, Executive and 1on1 Coaching, training and Regional/National/International Conferences! We are committed to creating real momentum and change in the women employed at your business.